Stone Vanity top with Wooden Cabinet

Stone Vanity top with Wooden Cabinet

Natural Stone Sink/Vanity top with Wooden CabinetWe designe natural sink vanity Top with a tradational wooden cabinet. This will offer a classic touch of traditional style to any washroom decor, and offers ample storage room for you to organize all of your bathroom necessities & accessories. Bring uniqueness and functionality to your bathroom. 

This full set of natural stone sink, vanity top along with a traditonal wooden cabinet is really fantastic and popular for home decoration. Every set is designed and  produced upon your favorites. You can have it just with a granite/marble/stone vantity top or just a sink with the wooden cabinet.

You can choose just a natural stone sink, a single stone vanity top or sink and vanity top with a wooden cabinet. We have different designs of granite/marble/travertine/limestone sink, vanity tops and various designs of wood cabinets for your choices. You are the designer of your bathroom for this full set.

The stone vessel sink, with the texture and depth of stone, is a particular favorite. A vessel sink sits on the bathroom counter or vanity, instead of being set down into it. A vessel sink can also be set on a pedestal for a dramatic variation on the pedestal sink. A semi-recessed vessel sink features the bottom of the vessel set partly into the counter, while the rim sits a few inches above counter level.

Stone kitchen sink is a truly special product for anyone willing to welcome a piece of nature into their home. Stone sinks are made of 100% natural stone carved by hand. Having a sculptured art in your kitchen is truly unique. The stone sinks are available in many styles and finishes, depending on the stone they are made of. Remember, since the sinks are truly hand-crafted and each stone sink is unique, there are always slight variations with the finish. In order to make the process of selecting your next stone kitchen sink easier, we created filters to the left where you can browse by single or double bowl, installation types, dimensions, and more. We also offer the matching stone faucets for you.

Two City Industry offer full galleries of kitchen and bath stone products. Want to adding the naturality, history, beauty, unique style for your home? Choose an amazing stone sinks/basin from us. We provide customers different shape and material of vessel sinks and here are only very small designs of our products.

Round stone vessel sinks-Classic design of stone sinks

Square stone vessel sinks-Good for both kitchen and bathroom 

Oval stone Vessel sinks- This is really cool for bathroom decoration 

Onyx Vessel sinks-Luxury Choice for your home

Mosaic sinks-It is not only just a sink, but also art

Freedom design art stone vessel sink-Adding naturality, history, freedom for your house

Pedestal sinks-- Enjoy a nice stone sink with vanity top and pedestal without a traditional cabinet